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About Us

Business Management
Although we are not a talent recruiting agency, we specialize in supporting talent in Theatre, Radio and Television primarily in the start up phases. The principals are Cindy Hite Content and Brian Content, with decades of combined experience in these performance mediums including work as broadcast talent, directors, radio, television and theatrical production, station management and media sales.

The power of broadcast advertising cannot be overstated. But without professional guidance, you could be throwing your money down the drain. Having counselors who've worked on both the talent and sales side of the industry enables us to assist you in choosing a media campaign that will be the most effective. We then handle the actual placement of those ads, freeing you from having to deal with sales calls by outside media representatives so you can concentrate on the new business your ad campaign produces.

Copy Writing
Our staff has dozens of years of experience writing copy that has proven effective for clients time and again. We work closely with the client to gain valuable insight into the product or service offered. Then we put those years of experience to work to create copy that is thoughtful, witty, sometimes provocative but always easy to relate to, and most of all, produces results for you!

Our Services

Business Management & Marketing
Media Sales & Placement
Creative Concepts
Commercial Copy-writing
Jingles - Tag Lines - Mottos
Film Productions
Video Productions
TV Commercials
Video Editing & Final Production (including output in Blu-ray HD DVD)
High Definition & Standard Definition
Post Productions
HD Video to Standard Format Conversions (output in DVD, mpg, Flash, wmv, etc)
Audio Productions for Film and Video
Professional Narrations and Voice-overs (Male & Female)
Music Compositions

Audio Samples

Cindy Hite, Voice Talent Audio Samples

Cindy Hite Audio Demo "Audio Book" Cindy Hite Audio Demo "Narration"(/span>
Audio Book Narration



Cindy Hite Audio Demo "Commercial" Cindy Hite Audio Demo "Character Voice"
Commercial Character Voice


Cindy Hite Audio Demo "Promo" Cindy Hite Audio Demo "Mixed Demo"
Promo Mix Demo

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